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Special casing of the "!" symbol in mentions

!Friendica Developers


I have written a tool [1] to emulate group accounts on Mastodon, because this feature is not available there. I've also extended it's functionality to Pleroma (minor tweaks) and would like to add friendica support next.

A short description of how it works:

The group account follows people. If these mention the group account with a prepended exclamation mark - like "!@groupmention" - The message will be automatically retootet/shared by the group account.

In friendica the "!" symbol has its own special meaning in addressing forums. Altough as far as I could find out, it addresses them like "!forummention" Theoretically a construct like "!@groupmention" should be possible or did I overlook something?

I tried and checked a lot. Most of the time "!@groupmention" just does not work at all. It is not recognized as a mention of another account. Altough when editing, copying and pasting around in the textarea I can unreliably get it to keep the mention intact. The post will then arrive as "visibility:unlisted" on Mastodon, which also does not work because only public posts will be shared.

Anyway, I am not completely aversed of special casing the trigger for friendica - "?@groupmention" seems to work just fine. Consistency over all supported platforms would be preferred though, so I'd like to hear from the friendica developers what they think.

There is another feature that works with direct messages and here the situation looks even more complicated. But first things first - that is a question for another thread.

[1] GitHub page

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In that case, do you develop on the server too or how do you manage debugging?

This is how it is... Just wanting to check out how I can make work with friendica, and now I"m learning how to set-up remote debugging sessions. I'm not complaining! Just wondering how deep this rabbit hole goes ;-)

Are there any other forum members who want to share their development setups with me and other interested readers? I'd be very thankful!
I set up my IDE phpStorm to automatically update the corresponding remote file when I make changes, and I heavily use var_dump() for frontend code, and the Friendica log for backend code.