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Read only account for the time being. Go to instead

AndiS 🌞🍷🇪🇺 reshared this.

There is this secondary account I maintain on a Friendica Server. I use it read-only to follow some Twitter contacts and have also subscribed to a few RSS feeds.

After taking a bit of time to manage my RSS subscriptions and Friendica's contact and group features, I am pretty impressed how well Friendica performs as a news aggregator as well as a communications tool! There are even feeds for almost anything I follow on the web, who said RSS is dead ;-)

@AndiS 🌞🍷🇪🇺 will remain my main account on the Fediverse for the time being, but it is nice to see that Mastodon is not everything and great alternatives are available!

#rss #Friendica #Feedreader @Friendica News