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Just because the rest of you have given up on this old sci fi aesthetic, doesn't mean I have to. I need it into my veins through intravenous drip please.
60s Sci Fi art 60s Sci Fi art
60s Sci Fi art 60s Sci Fi art

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Oh the aesthetic is fine. It just hurts that unlike in the days of old, it doesn't seem we're headed for such a future any more.

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Exciting announcement: @bleeptrack and I will create a 2.0 version of our open-source Git learning game! 🎉

For the first time, you'll be able to play the game directly in your browser, using a *real Git* in a tiny Linux VM!

And for people whose first language isn't English, the game will come with other language versions!

Thanks to the @PrototypeFund for funding these often-requested features!

A mockup of how the Oh My Git game looks like in the browser, with multi-lingual speech bubbles.

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Note that this is aimed at people who already know a bit about Git and the command line. We will also build a "from scratch" introduction later!

Fun things to try:

- Create a few new blobs from scratch!
- Create a commit without using "git commit"!
- Make a merge that results in a conflict. How is that state represented internally?

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Also, @bleeptrack and I are looking for a new round of beta testers!

⭐ Like this toot to become one! :D

We might reach out sometime in the next months, and schedule a ~60 minute beta test with you! That really helps us make the game better! Thanks a lot! 🙏

To prepare, we'd also be curious what your current relationship with Git is – feel free to reply to this post! Are you confused by any part? Or do you sometimes teach it to others? What would our game need to do to be useful to you?

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Saturday only we'll have a Xerox Alto thanks to Ian Finder at the Interim Computer Festival to celebrate #ALTO50
#parc #xerox

#retrocomputing #vintagecomputing #seattle

A Xerox Alto workstation

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One of the things that drives me nuts about the modern Web is that you could write a plain text file, save it as "index.html", and it will display just fine. And everyone seems to have forgotten this.
People forget how svelte and flexible the HTTP/HTML trifecta is. It's just been horribly abused by bad design decisions mostly at the hands of marketers.

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@praetor I remember early Web design guides that complained about the limitations of HTML that made it difficult to control the user's experience.

Preventing people from controlling the user's experience was part of the point.

I remember the 90s, how word processor formats were, by design, incompatible. SGML was invented for archivists, to allow the creation of documents that were free of vendor lock-in and obsolescence. HTML was derived from that.

For some things I still do that. It's just great.

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Discord being down is a good time to remind everyone that information should be in forums or wikis, not channels on Discord servers that can't be searched easily, aren't indexed by web search engines, require you to join a chatroom, and can disappear at any time because server can just be deleted.

Bring back websites and forums, stop putting all the content on the internet inside walled gardens controlled by big tech companies

Edit: my post said "information" and is about finding answers to questions, requesting help, finding info and tutorials and other informational content. It's not about saying that your chat with your friends should be made public, why am I getting so many bad faith replies lol. Forums are an objectively better way for people to find those kinds of things and for info to be available to anyone who searches for it.

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Bei #ZDFinfo gibt es eine sechsteilige Doku über #Verschwörungserzählungen:
1/6: #FakeNews, Angst und #QAnon
2/6: #Reptiloide, #Aliens und Kontakte
3/6: #Roswell, #UFOAkten und #Reichsflugscheiben
4/6: #Geheimbünde, #Illuminaten und Neue #Weltordnung
5/6: #Klimalüge, #Pandemie und #5G
6/6: #Reichsbürger, #NeueRechte und Radikalisierung
Alle sechs Teile sind jeweils 44 Minuten lang. Verfügbar bis 25.09.2025.

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Anything new about #Bielefeld why do THEY claim that #Bielefeld exists?

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So wait building all these "secure" chat apps on a browser engine packaged in a thin layer of UI, with its insane number of dependencies and the gigantic, immense attack surface that this entails, was somehow a bad idea?

Who knew! Who could have foreseen this! Shocking, really.

#InfoSec #Electron #WebP

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I don't even need to see whatever vuln goes to this to not feel a bit justified in my always-rant policy about Electron.

My big fear is that it is going to be just like html in your email: it's not necessary, it complicates more than it helps, and it's never going away :sadness:​

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@0xSH00T Aside from security concerns, my problem with Electron is that it's 2023, I have an Intel i9 processor, 16 GBs of DDR4, and an SSD, and I launch a text editor that runs in Electron, then go make coffee, and come back to see if the app has started yet.

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Ylva Johansson warnt in einer Rede vor europäischen Polizeien ( ) vor „starken Kampagnen“ von Messenger-Firmen und vor „sehr lauten“ Privatsphäre-Aktivisten gegen die #Chatkontrolle - dabei steht sie selbst im Zentrum von millionenschweren Lobbyverflechtungen:

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Ausschuss verlangt „Klarstellungen und Erklärungen“ zum aufgedeckten Lobby-Netz der #Chatkontrolle – innerhalb einer Woche

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I heard you like cat ears. So we put cat ears on your cat...


A black cat with a fluffy cat-ears hairband around its neck on a sofa
Different picture of the same cat lying on a tiled floor

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🦕🖥️ The Lear Siegler ADM-3A terminal (1976) looks like it's straight out of The Flintstones 😃 We received it 12 years ago from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and it dates back to the times before the influential VT100 terminal.

#computermuseum #computerhistory #slovenia #ljubljana #softwareheritage #digitalheritage #nostalgia #nostalgie #nostalgi #retrocomputing #vintage #vintagecomputer #vintagecomputing #retro #europee #MundoRetro #computerterminal

computer terminal

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Hang on now, I wonked on one of these (and not my 1st job). Are you implying I’m old? :)
my first printer was a daisywheel

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Reminder that #RaspberryPi boasted about hiring a surveillance cop, then insulted their customers for raising ethical concerns:

#RaspberryPi5 #Pi5

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For Julian #Assange: an appeal launched by @Mediapart

Mediapart has launched an appeal for Julian Assange, in the form of an address to the President of the United States of America, Joe #Biden. It has already been joined by three other European media: Der Spiegel (Germany), Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy) and InfoLibre (Spain).

Dear Mr. President of the United States of America, .../...



Header of the call that Mediapart has launched an appeal for Julian Assange, in the form of an address to the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden. It has already been joined by three other European media: Der Spiegel (Germany), Il Fatto Quotidiano (Italy) and InfoLibre (Spain).

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We are journalists, and as such we have come to ask you to desist from committing an injustice against one of our own, Julian #Assange.

After thirteen years of persecution, this Australian citizen is currently imprisoned in the United Kingdom under threat of extradition to the United States, at the behest of a conditioned justice which treats him as if he were a spy or a traitor.



Beyond the iniquitous fate of the WikiLeaks founder, this procedure turns journalism into a crime and endangers all those who make it their profession, all over the world.

We are journalists, in other words we serve a universally proclaimed fundamental right: the right to know everything that is in the public interest, a right which, in the USA, is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Journalists, says the European Court of Human Rights, are the "watchdogs" of democracy.


.../...They can disturb, displease and upset, but they are necessary to ensure that the public knows everything that is being done in its name, so that it can make its choices freely, without being blinded by propaganda and lies.

Julian Assange has done nothing other than reveal information of public interest, and in this sense he has acted as a journalist.


We can attest this especially because we have published this information, we have actively collaborated with #WikiLeaks and, in some cases, we have published investigations signed by Julian Assange. While the whole world has been able to judge the democratic usefulness of his revelations, the proceedings brought against him by the United States of America can only strengthen the authoritarian powers in their repression of independent journalism and the free press.


We are journalists, diverse in our sensibilities and opinions, but all committed to the same professional ideal: to serve the truth of the facts. This is why, Mr. President, we urge you to put an end to the extradition proceedings against the founder of WikiLeaks. In order to re-establish the truth of which we are the guarantors: before history, #Assange has served journalism.

First signatories: Mediapart, Der Spiegel, Il Fatto Quotidiano, InfoLibre



A cute picture of a dog standing in front of a sign saying "RELEASE JULIAN NOW!"

Thank you. I have sent a meta-appeal to Danish semi-progressive newspaper "Information" who have previously published a lot Wikileaks.

I hope they will sign it, and I would be extremely extremely disappointed if not. But we all know that feeling by now I guess.

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Looking at my Mastodon feed this morning, it seems like everybody loves an updated single board computer.

Well, you're going to love the new #RC2014 Mini II

This little #Z80 based SBC runs BASIC, Z80 ASM and #FORTH. There's even a CP/M upgrade kit available too!

RC2014 Mini II SBC. Blue PCB with black chips and connectors, and a row of resistors along the top knolled set of components that make up the RC2014 Mini II
RC2014 Mini II with a VGA expansion card RC2014 Mini II inside a sleek clear Perspex enclosure

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