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#Fedilab 3.0.6 has been released:

- Allow to set a focus point on previews (media editor)
- Respect the focus point with previews
- Pagination with the fetch more button - Support for reading up or down
- Add trends

- Only last push notification (system) is displayed (not grouped)
- Bad behavior with the right/left scroll
- Fix long profiles not fully displayed
- Issues with some polls
- Some crashes
- Some bad behaviors
i want the home bar to be on the top but i can't change it q.q pls fix that, and add the option to change icon again thank u!! :ablobowo: :ablobowo: :ablobowo:
That would be possible but not a top priority currently.
What is the state of #friendica support? I still have problems here.

Will create a bug report as soon as I can do some real testing.
@Fedilab Apps
What's your current issues? Also, it might be already reported on our git.
I have glanced over the issues in the repo and did not see anything obvious. I'll do some testing and create a report or add to one there.
@Fedilab Apps
Ah ok, will check. Didn't think about Github since Fedilab is now on

I honestly forgot about Github and this makes me more happy than it realisticly should ;)

@Wilhelm @Fedilab Apps

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*quietly smiling*