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Friendica 2022.12 released

Content warning: We are very happy to announce the avail-ability of the new stable version of Friendica. Wrapping up the sprint from the 2022.10 release of Friendica we closed 73 filed issues and had almost 300 pull requests by 19 contributors. A special thanks goes out t

Ich werden dann mal heute Abend aktualisieren ....

@Friendica News

using WP + elementor for my personal home page.
Added rel=me to a link in the page pointing at my #Friendica profile per the elementor instructions.
Not working?
Most likely I am doing it wrong.

Or else - where do I send my $8 to get my blue check!?

@Friendica Support

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@Falgn0n The Wizard The rel=“me” presence is checked once on profile form submission, and then once a day. Please resubmit the profile edit form first.
@Hypolite Petovan
Didn't seem to do anything.
Don't worry about it, not all that important, just thought I'd try out "the cool new feature"
@Falgn0n The Wizard I beg to differ, I can see the checkmark next to your homepage link in your profile card!
@Hypolite Petovan strange I don't see it (yet?)

But thx - #Friendica is still the best fedi server and updates are a breeze
@Friendica News
@Falgn0n The Wizard There it is:
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How is the speed of Friendica these days? Has it improved at all in the last year?

I think your speed experience of old was more based around that specific instance and its configuration (and it is no longer running). My Friendica installation is as quick and responsive as my Akkoma instance.

On the topic of Friendica I was also somewhat surprised to notice the new (beta) app Mammoth is showing my Friendica instance quite well. Surprised especially since Mammoth does not show my Akkoma (i.e. Pleroma) instance (which the app MetaText does though).


That makes sense. I noticed, during the last Twitter Migration influx, that my Mastodon instance slowed down a couple of times, just like I experienced when I was using Friendica.

What was it about Akkoma that you liked over Pleroma? What made you switch?
Depends how you define speed. I run my instance for several years now and I think Friendica became much faster and easier on server resources in last three or so versions.

However obviously it depends on the instance and how loaded it is.

Also certain operations in Friendica are slower by design compared to some other platforms. E.g. when you post a comment it isn't fired to other servers almost immediately like in Mastodon but is sent on next worker run which typically is every several minutes. In that regard Friendica feels less like chat and more like email :)
Ach Quatsch, heute Abend. Ich habe doch so eine schöne VM-Infrastruktur ! SnapShot machen und schon konnte das Update durchrutschen. Danach noch 5 Minuten das DB-Update abwarten und schon ist die "Zwenkauer Flaschenpost" wieder aktuell.

Danke Leute !
Jetzt muß ich aber erst mal gucken was alles neu ist ;-)
So, when you create a post, you won't be able to insert images between text like you do now? If so, that's a very bad idea... A good idea would be to insert images where the cursor is.
With a table of pics at the end of the post it'll would look like fucking FB. :(
The changelog states the following:

NOTE: The Apache2 rewrite rule in the .htaccess-dist has been changed.
The change has to be applied manually to the existing .htaccess.

Unfortunately I cannot find any hint about the change? Is this true or has this hint been carried over from the previous update where such changes were described in detail?

@Friendica News
@AndiS 🌞🍷🇪🇺 No, this is current to this release. You have to add a B flag to the RewriteRule.

First I already have done this. I can even remembver doing it, but not when. This must have been during the previous update. It is only in .htaccess-dist and not .htaccess - right?

And second, where can I find how to do it? Again as stated above, I already did this but can no longer find the howto ... must be me getting older ;-)
@Hypolite Petovan
@AndiS 🌞🍷🇪🇺 The change we added to .htaccess-dist must be applied manually by node admins to their respective .htaccess file because we don't have access to them from the official Friendica repository.

If you paste the contents of your .htaccess file, I'll be able to give you the updated version.
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Ah, yes! Understood. No worries, I just copied the .htaccess-dist file over .htaccess since I never changed that one myself. Thank you for clearing that up! @Hypolite Petovan
Update went smooth as ever. Big thanks to all!

Content warning: We are very happy to announce the avail-ability of the new stable version of Friendica. Wrapping up the sprint from the 2022.10 release of Friendica we closed 73 filed issues and had almost 300 pull requests by 19 contributors. A special thanks goes out t

@utzer ~Friendica~ You still had deprecated notice messages a few days before the release, I wouldn't say it's done and dusted.
@Friendica News What format should the rel-me backlink have? I tried using the same format as on Mastodon, and it does not seem to work (probably because I am using a specific service)
@Cătălin Petrescu @Friendica News It is the same expected format as on Mastodon. However, the verification isn’t immediate and its result when successful is rather discreet (a checkbox next to the homepage URL in the profile information in the left column).
@Hypolite Petovan @Friendica News I see. I got no personal webpage to try, so I checked all the options I had in order not to create an additional account somewhere just for this. So I found that Gravatar also provides Mastodon verification and decided to try it out here as well.

It's been more than one day already and it's still not showing up the checkmark on my profile here. I wasn't sure if I mistook something or if Gravatar is simply not the right tool for this.
@Cătălin Petrescu It looks good on both your profile and the Gravatar page. Please try to update your profile settings even if you do not change any field. This will queue a verification task for the worker to pick up.
@Hypolite Petovan I can see the link but no checkmark. If anyone else sees it tho, then, cool! :D
I also don't see the checkmark in your Friendica profile but see it on Gravatar page :)
@Александр @Cătălin Petrescu I don't see it either, grmbl.

It would show the error in the Friendica log, though, you can grep for "CheckRelMeProfileLink" for more information.
I did some testing on my server and seems some links indeed don't pass verification. Perhaps the parser is too strict. I noticed that one of non-working links has link HTML tag instead of a and the other has several values in rel attribute - maybe this is what breaks the check?
@Александр @Hypolite Petovan @Cătălin Petrescu It worked here as well, I'm on develop branch with a few modifications. You can see the little check next to my homepage URL.
@Александр @Cătălin Petrescu Yes, and it's a quick fix for anyone who wants Open Source fame and fortune!
That's what I was trying to point out :D Thanks, @Александр!

@Hypolite Petovan, It's not my server, I don't know how to access these logs. Is there an option in the settings or anything?
@Cătălin Petrescu @Александр No worries, once the related GitHub issue is resolved, the node you're on will be soon be updated and you'll be able to re-run the check again, hopefully with success this time.
@Hypolite Petovan @Александр Thanks. For now I tried to change the link and modify it a couple of times, however gravatar seems to have some limits in the number of verifications, so I failed verification on Gravatar as well now, haha.

Thanks for using my profile as a guinea pig, hope this will help others tho.

Edit: here's the message I receive now, haha, oups

Edit2: Just managed to add the link back on Gravatar side. Not gonna edit any longer for now unless there is a sure fix for it. Looking forward for this :D
This entry was edited (11 months ago) I remember the 2022.12-rc version saying that the .htaccess file needed to be updated on Apache. If I'm upgrading from 2022.10, do I need to do this still?
@Jonathan "Mastodon" Lamothe Yes, very much so. It only affects one specific API call, but it would be difficult to troubleshoot.
@Jonathan "Mastodon" Lamothe just pull/update and then quickly look in the shipped .htaccess-dist or so and there is a rewrite rule line with an additional B compared to your current version, so only one capital letter B needs to be added.

@Hypolite Petovan
@Hypolite Petovan Out of curiosity, is there a reason I would have manually changed it?